working with wendy

Planning to Purchase?

When working with Buyers, my focus is on finding the ideal fit for you, walking you through the pages and pages of paperwork, and negotiating the best offer possible. Whether you’re living locally and looking for a change, or you’re experiencing a work related relocation, it’s my goal to help make this a smooth transition. If you’re looking for recommendations for professionals such as lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage agents etc., I’ve got you covered with many trusted local contacts. Simply Get in Touch.

Looking to List?

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in your house and discuss a few things such as how you can best prepare your house for listing, when is the ideal time to list your property, and what comparable properties have recently sold for. Once listed, my work doesn’t end at putting up a sign and calling it a day. I will market your property to its fullest potential gaining broad exposure. Please Get in Touch if you’d like to book an appointment.

Whether you’re posted to the area for work, a first time homebuyer, or simply looking for a change of scenery, I’m here to help you find ‘home’